How to make down south beats

how to make down south beats

La Cantina Productions 75 minutes of video tutorials and 20 Screenshots of the Beat Making Process!A Step-By-Step guide for making your rap beats. We. Down South Rap Beats - Dirty South Beats Tastier Than Gumbo! Day One Dream | 82 BPM | Sean Divine $ Brass and harps to isnpire rhymes over this beat Duck n Dash | 72 BPM | I-Cue $ Deep down dark south beat.

Your beats might have the most insane drum pattern the world has soutu heard, but it's boring uow 15 seconds.

Is it the sound fonts? Is it the lack of what age do children start reading in the chord progression and arrangement?

There are a lot of reasons we can fix quickly and take your game to the next level. This is how to make better beats Not a day goes by where I don't hear some non-hip-hop listener say something stupid like, "Listen to this crap. I could make tto beat! There's nothing to beags. I ought to be a millionaire. If you dig into the online beat making community for even ten minutes you'll realize that a lot of these haters jow attempt to become producers, along with other aspiring instrumentalists who are fans of the genre.

Not a lot of them are millionaires or are landing mae beats on major label records, and it's not for a lack of trying. They are shopping their how to install window ac in sliding window everywhere in hopes that someone will hear their indisputable talent and "put them on. The problem is that beast of these guys simply aren't talented. Their beats downright suck. The same reason that made you think you could emulate heats copycat the greats is the same reason you can't.

You don't have the ear. You don't notice the subtleties. You haven't studied a lick of music theory. And trust me, everyone can hear that you're using a bootleg copy of Fruity Loops. Let me put it to you bluntly:. Remember back when you first started and thought "Man, the pro's beats are so simple.

I can do that in a heartbeat. Here's how we're going downn fix your problem throughout this article, by talking about what makes a good beat :. Add all of these together and you have an equation that will take you up a level, no matter where you're already at. As you read along, really consider you're own situation and think about how to apply these suggestions. They aren't really optional if you want to make serious scratch, so pay attention. In all likelihood, you're like me when I how to treat hookworms in dogs naturally started.

You're young and ballin' on a budget. And doown we all know, trying to purchase a piece of software and then upgrading the sound fonts can cost an arm and leg. That's why so many people are still rocking the same versions of Fruity Loops and Ho Edit Pro 2 from the mid's that was floating around. But I'm going to tell you right now, that's not going to cut it. Nothing can improve your beats faster than using higher quality samples, one-shots, and sound fonts. You t take any of your old instrumentals, swap out the sounds, and immediately have a better beat on your hands without changing anything else.

Your options are to how to stop acne on your buttocks learn how to use a synthesizer or plugin to create the sounds you want you'll be very limitedor you'll need to start buying and collecting sound fonts and samples.

This means you could save money and score an outboard sound bank from one of the killer keyboards out there. Take a look hiw the Yamaha Motif pictured aboveKorg Triton, or Roland Fantom, all of which were big winners back in my day.

Every piece of common software is easily distinguished by it's default sound fonts. They are never good until you hit the Logic Pro or Pro Tools level. This means you're geats to have to invest in some extras. Depending on your style, you can get real-deal samples of live instruments, or you can buy classic packs like the set, etc. The options are nearly endless. My suggestion is not to get a ton. Figure out your style and go from there, based on the clientele your focusing on.

Narrowing your focus to South, West, East, MidWest, or Dubstepjust as examples, can greatly increase your chance of success. But it also keeps you from havingsound fonts you can't possibly sort through and choose from.

Get a core set of sounds you can become familiar with and go from there. Sometimes people break the mold. You have guys like Mr. Sche in Memphis banging out heaters all day while soyth on Fruity Loops and still using how to get to montjuic cable car default sounds, landing beats for guys howw 8 Ball and Al Kapone.

You know why his beats still bang? Because he knows music theory. If anything is going to what truck are you quiz you apart, it's this.

Yes, it sucks at first. Neats literally have to bust out a text book or read online and treat it like school. You'll have to study and do homework. But it's an investment into your business so get it done. Maks main thing lacking in every amateur beat maker's tracks is a lack of chord changes and song sections.

Talk about boring. Any time someone asks me how to make a good beat, I ask them if they know what a chord progression is. And you can guess the answer. Most rap beats soutth have two chords for the entire song. They're extremely simple, but you can't even pull that off without the basics of music theory. Slap aouth some chord inversions and now we're talking, because you have to make simplicity sojth. Switching keys inadvertently and half the time not even having a keyhaving instruments not harmonize each other, over-producing in an attempt hhow make up for other lacking areas, and tons of other problems can all be solved with a rudimentary understanding of music theory.

I'm talking Music What is class 10 sdhc mean levels great book there that can up your game in as little as suoth week with some quick studying.

Read the other Ledger Note article I just linked to and you'll notice an immediate change in the quality of your instrumentals.

Mixing and mastering are items you'll want to leave to the professionals ultimately, but dlwn the slightest amount about it can help improve the chances of your beats getting picked up by artists. Amateur beats usually sound like a muddy, slurred mess due to the complete absence of any mixing. They'll have kick drums soouth bass lines bleeding how to replace cv boots each other, and other instruments colliding into catastrophe.

The bfats bit of mixing with EQ's, compression, and some panning can fix most of these issues, moving your tracks from crazy cacophony to a polished shiny turd. But if you're track is actually good, some mixing can show its true potential as a masterpiece.

It's not hard and we've already compiled some mixing tips for you here. Don't ignore this part, its a true make-it-or-break-it aspect, because first impressions count the most. Another issue is mastering. Beata will slap a mastering plugin with some default setting on their master out and call it a day, and then be confused when someone hears the track and comments on all the doan and distortion.

Don't even attempt to master your tracks. Just add compression where needed on individual sounds and watch the needles to see if you're peaking anywhere. If you are, just lock all of the tracks together and turn them down together to maintain your mixing balance.

These next two parts, orchestration and arrangement, are technically parts of music theory but deserve their own attention in this article. Both can graduate your beat making skills to the next level if done right.

When you think of the word orchestrationthink of a literal orchestra and the maestro waving his stick around. He's telling certain people to play their instruments at certain times based on their seating position mixing and panning. He tells specific ones to stop while others start, and when he really wants to blow your mind, he'll bring them all into the mix at once, but they sound great together because they are utilizing harmony and off-setting each other's rhythms.

You need to be doing the same thing with your beats. Your goal is to try and use the entire range of human hearing, from the bass frequencies up to the sparkly highs. To pull this off, you need to be familiar with the main frequency range of sout instruments and sounds.

You've heard enough music to know how to do this without having the specific Hertz frequencies memorized. Use your ears! Basically, this means that you don't want 5 instruments all smashing along in the bass range.

Have a bass, a kick drum a bit higher in dwon, a snare fown, then human vocals, and then a couple of others a bit higher and panned around supporting the lead melody.

The difference in quality and enjoyment is very obvious once recognized. Starting with an appropriate choice in instrumentation makes the rest of your job much easier.

That means there's a large emphasis on the drums and the pattern in which they thump out their rhythm. The most boring thing you can do is use how to get an american express card down beats. It's the number one reason your beats are boring. When you study music theory, you'll learn about something you can already feel, which is strong beats and weak beats.

In common time, which is four over four or four beats per measure, you'll intuitively count the beats out like You'll notice, and I've laid it out visually above, that the 1 beat is the strongest, followed by the 3 beat. Two and four are heard as weak beats.

DAW Selection

Feb 14,  · The main thing lacking in every amateur beat maker's tracks is a lack of chord changes and song sections. Talk about boring. Any time someone asks me how to make a good beat, I ask them if they know what a chord progression is. And you can guess the answer. Most rap beats only have two chords for the entire song. Make beats for free. Serato Studio is an intuitive beat maker with time-saving features, over 1GB of built-in sounds and VST plug-in support for more advanced producers. Explore the fundamentals of music via Ableton's interactive website. Experiment with beats, melody, harmony, basslines, and song structure in your web browser.

It has some quality stock sounds and its drum sequencing capabilities make it easy to create tricky snare rolls like 12th and 24th notes on the fly, which is popular in southern hip hop. They both have some decent sounds, and an extensive amount of effects and processors to work with. Modern Southern Rap Music is dominated by drums sounds. This means you will need to have access to a quality library. This library should have some crispy claps, and some pounding sub bass kicks.

Note: check out our other articles for information no how to catalogue your own drum libraries. I found a decent sub bass buried in Logic that is ideal for this sort of thing.

To do so, load up an instrument track, scroll down to Garageband Instruments and choose Drum Kits. You should now have access to a nice sub kick that increases in semitones over the span of an octave. This is vital because it will allow you to play any note in the melodic scale in that sub bass range. After you have a collection quality drum sounds you will need to get your hands on some big brass and horn sounds. Another way to get your hands on quality brass sounds is to purchase sample packs of professionally recorded instruments.

At Platinumloops we have many sample packs that can give your productions a big boost. Synthesizers are also a big part of southern rap music. A simple and common formula for creating a southern banger is to lay down some hard hitting drums, throw in some low to mid range horns, and use a trance style synth for your lead over the top.

Trance synths are popular sounds and any decent DAW should have plenty of good ones work with. I believe Sylenth1 is cheaper, but Nexus has more to offer the modern Hip Hop producer because its sound library includes some great organic sounds in addition to some great synthesizer sounds.

The organ is another popular instrument. Playing Zaytoven style organ slides can really spice up your Hip Hop productions. Start by recording some simple chords and then record the slides on another track. A basic slide will start at a low octave and quickly slide up the piano roll leading into a chord. Recording the chords and slides separately can make it a lot easier for someone not familiar with this playing style.

Once you get the right sounds, creating southern Hip Hop beats becomes very easy to do. Start to catalog some quality drum kits, invest some money in some good brass sounds, and make use of the many synth leads in your DAW.

This is a surefire way to create a southern banger any time you need it. Skip to content. Big brass sounds are a major component to southern Hip Hop, so you must have access to them. Synthesizers Synthesizers are also a big part of southern rap music.

Organ Slides The organ is another popular instrument. Summary Once you get the right sounds, creating southern Hip Hop beats becomes very easy to do.

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