How to root sony xperia acro s

how to root sony xperia acro s

How To Root Sony Xperia Acro S On ICS

1. Double-click the desktop icon to launch Sony Xperia Acro S (LT26w) Android Rooting software.. You will then see the 2. Next, connect your Sony Xperia Acro S (LT26w) to the computer via the USB cable.. If this is the first time youve 3. Next, enable USB debugging mode on your Sony Xperia. Procedure to Root SONY Xperia Acro S: Download the Rooting Essentials Suite from here to your computer. Once downloaded, turn Off your phone so that it can be entered in the operation mode.

This article gow be of great help to you if you want to know the procedure on how to root Sony Xperia Acro S Android phone. Note: An important thing to be avro is to check whether the device is properly rooted or not. Acfo should know that the warranty will get void if the device is rooted.

There are several ways to regain the warranty and this should eoot be a problem. Once if you switch back to any of the how to make split screen pictures on instagram updates that was officially launched by the manufacturer, you will be able to soby the warranty. A good point to be noted is that the user need not unlock the boot loader which proves to be an herculean task.

The XDA forum members and especially Heeroyun should be congratulated for the meticulous works done for this. It is not recommended to take the help of PC Companion hos you try to take back up of your Sony Xperia Acros S android phone which will lead to several problems.

Manual back up of data is the most preferred way in xperiia case. Use this link to take proper back up of SMS and to restore apps. Use this link to take proper back of call logs. Use this link to take proper back of all your contacts and to sync them with the Gmail. You can move out the images, pictures, music and video files separately to an external hard disk. If the device gets stuck in boot loop sequence or got hanged, switch off the device and remove the battery and then replace it again.

Now switch on rokt device to verify the update procedure is done correctly. WhatsApp hlw. By Kalpana - August 27, Kudos to XDA Forum Developers A what is supraspinatus tendonitis of the shoulder point to be noted is that the user need not unlock the boot loader which proves to be an herculean task.

Back up of all Data It is not recommended to take the help of PC Companion when you try to take back up of your Sony Xperia Acros S android phone which will lead to several problems. Use this link to take proper back of all your contacts and to sync them with the Gmail You can move out the images, pictures, music and video files separately to an external hard disk. Then switch off your mobile phone.

On entering into the operation mode, hold the Volume Down button and establish the connection between your phone and computer. Now cancel the flash tool option after verification is done. If the device is not automatically restarting, you can restart it manually. Accept the option when it asks for super user how to join google hangout. The device will get rebooted during the course of this update.

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How to Root Sony Xperia Acro S (White) via Apps. First, let's look at some easy ways to enable root permissions through special applications. If they didnt work, read on and try the instructions for methods including PC software and Custom Recovery. KingRoot. Aug 27, Make sure the USB debugging feature is enabled for you to root Sony Xperia Acro S android phone properly. There are several security suites available and Xperias Acro S drivers can be downloaded from this link. Process to Root Sony Xperia Acro S Android Phone. You can Download Essential Suites for Rooting from this link. Sep 13, Choose and click on OK. Follow the on-screen instructions on how to boot your device into fastboot mode and connect your device. Also, make sure No Final Verification is marked.

It has been just a few hours since we saw Sony officially rolling out the major bug fixing update 6. Do not try on any other variants. Download flashtool Enable USB Debugging and unknown sources option on your phone before proceeding.

Do not use other kit version except V We are not sure whether this rooting kit supports Acro S or not, still if you want to go ahead, root at your own risk. Respective kernels of Xperia Acro S are added below. If you succeeded in rooting Xperia Acro S by this method, please comment below. Let us know if you face any difficult in rooting your Xperia S, SL on 6. Drop your comments on your reviews on 6. Sony confirms Bug Fixing Android 4.

Contact at [email protected] for feedback and sending tips. Donate Us. I keep getting LT 26i is not supported when i try to root, I have flashed the old kernel and now trying to root. Try re-checking your USB drivers, switch off your phone , use another portremove any other things which may be taking any of your ports.

Hello, I need help please, I do something stupid! Here I tried my tablet rooter Z2 but I messed up something, let me explain:. To unlock the bootloader, I got there, it was after that it gets complicated. IMG file that corresponds with my firmware which is the IMG the corresponding file. Believing to have found, I renamed it to boot. Except that my tablet hangs on the Sony logo, makes a funny noise, then reboot non-stop.

I look a bit in the options and I saw that could deactivate or reactivate the bootloader, I know more, I clicked anyways. Please a solution? If I find the file IMG perhaps? Help please Thank you. So now you need to edit the build. What do I do? Sorry about the newbie questions.

It may happen that you loose your data while flashing. About the warranty, if I need to use it, I can restore the phone via pc companion, wich will make it unrooted again. Yes you can restore it. If you JB installed already, just flash the new ftf of. After you have finished flashing the files, re-boot the phone and run Doomlords rooting program. It should work fine. Once you have confirmed you have root, use flash tool to flash just the. Hi Ian! Ian how are you?

I have time looking for the right way to rooting my xperia acro S LT26W, 6. I could not because all methods are incompatible with this compilation, you would be so kind as to make a tuto to guide us? Xperia SL 6. I successfully flashed 6. Then i flashed the old kernel. Nothing happened after that. If I have the version 6.

A question friends, after flashing the firmware and rooteo 6. I ask because I did the first and second step was flash and after rooting, and everything was going the right way, check and had the firmware installed and rooteado 6.

What I have to do, as I set the flashtool, wipe options remain the same.?? I would appreciate your answers. Flash the. Muchas gracias ian, ya pude solucionar el problema, todo hecho de manera correcta como indicaste.

Friend me this happens, flash a kernel that 6. I flashie thus in flashtool options uncheck all say wipe. This well as I did?? Friend like you did to flash the 0. And another question, after I flash the 0. That I can do pablo.?? I also I have a xperia acro s.

Thanks brooo I have successfully rooted my Acro S for the newer versionthanks very muchnw its show time have to connect the ps3 controllers.

STo acro S does not work. But installing the compilation 6. And in the compilation ready 6. I did 1st and 2nd step perfect bt in 3rd step when flash tool shos instration that unplug the phone and hond volume down and connect to usb then green light shows bt nothing happends tool still displays the same massage to unplug the phone plz help. Please Help Me. I check with the root check app, they said my phone was not root completely. What should I do? Anyone here knows a solution? Hi I cant download the files somehow.

My anti-virus also throws a pop-up notification about the dangerous conents of the website. Even when I switch it off, the download link gets me to download an.

Anyway, Can some body let me know if there is somethin I may be missing out on. Any help will be much appreciated. Also, I have another doubt. I flashed. So should I flash the. Your blog says with new firmware we would have more RAM available to us. So would it make sense to just flash the whole firmware and not have any ROM cz my purpose will anyways be served with that i. Waiting for a response on this. Thanks guys! I have finally rooted my Xperia S.

I tried different ways and methods every single time the installation was successful however there is no way to access it. When I am trying to reboot in the recovery mode the CWM appears on the screen for about 0. Hi, I tryed to flash my Xperia S, but I am stuck at connecting device. The screen about connecting device appears. I connect my device with vol.

Blue LED is shining, but flash doesnt work. When I connect my acro s to flashtool, it prompts me with message saying to unplug my acro s, power off, press back button, and plug, but the back button stops when I turn off my device.

Please helpThx. Hey when i download the flashtool driver for XSL it tells me that the installation failed.. Click here to cancel reply. Xperia Z1 Sony about to release bootloaders allowing booting from the recovery partition. Xperia Lockscreen disabled by administrator error fix after Lollipop update. About the Author. Anurag Kumar. Blogging as a hobby. Michael August 24, at am - Reply.

Anurag Kumar August 24, at am - Reply. Lee August 25, at pm - Reply.

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