How to say hello in mayan

how to say hello in mayan

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Say Hello in the Mayan Language. English: Hello (What do you say?) My name is. Mayan: Ba’ax ka wa’alik. In k’aaba' (e)’. Pronunciation: BAH-ah shko-WAH ah-LEEK. Maaya t'aan (Yucatec Maya) Welcome. Kiimak 'oolal. Hello (General greeting) Ba'ax ka wa'alik? How are you? Bix yanikech? Reply to 'How are you?'. Ma'alob.

When I first visited the Yucatan peninsula in the early s, I was warned that not many how to make soft taco shells with corn tortillas spoke English, eay I should be prepared to rely on pigeon Spanish and well-honed charade skills. Unfortunately, I found that the reality was actually worse: if you got away from the hotel desk and waiters, many Yucatecans actually spoke Mayan as their first language and ,ayan only a little street-Spanish.

As I ventured outside of tourist areas, I found that most people in hel,o to medium-ish pueblos had at best picked up steet-Spanish when they were years old, and that usually happened only if they had lived in a bigger city. People raised only on their family milpa the classic Maya family corn plot, hacked out ofthe jungle or in the pueblitos might not know much Spanish fo all. This is still often true, particularly with construction and cleaning workers who daily commute into Merida and Progreso.

As a result, these friends retreat into their nayan when in the Big City, and they tend to only exchange brief glances and occasional shy smiles with NOB folks and white-skinned Yucatecans. Is it time to reach across this unnecessary divide? The next step? Add the sorts of things we all enjoy talking about: How are you?

Where are you from? Do you have children? Mayan speakers absolutely love it when goofy-gringos attempt to speak Mayan. Hint: "Bey" does not mean yes. Try it! You may be rewarded with HUGE grins, laughter and maybe even some excited rapid-fire unintelligble replies. Wendy Cotter 2 years ago. I am going to help at a hod for refugees crossing, and released by ICE at the border Your website here is very good.

I bought two books and I was getting into it. Thank youSincerely, Wendy. Tomb what is a curvaceous type body 2 years ago.

Paul Hughes 2 years ago. Judith Lowry 2 years mayn. We learned a few Mayan phrases while exploring a cenote on Mayan land. It was a thrill to say bix a bel and get a response - Malob. Like wandering in the Jardin Botanica and coming across all that we came across. I 'm interested! Do you have more posts? Maya aay years ago. I just want to study mayan language.

Am from india. From my childhood i like mayan. Where can i study mayan language fluently. Maria 3 years ago. Your Name. Your E-Mail. I really want to study Mayan and understand their symbols and letters. Are there any podcasts or online courses that you would recommend? How did you nello about us?

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Jan 06,  · About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Create. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Nov 10,  · In this special episode from the Kukulkan temple in Chichen Itza, Mexico you will learn how to say greetings in both May.

Asked by Wiki User. There are dozens of Mayan languages. Here is a list of 32 common Maya languages with the the word for hello, where I could find it If anyone can add to this, please do :. Kajcoj or Cajcoj. You got it right. Mayan ho. The main language of Singapore is English, so it would be "Hello". The average American can say hello in Spanish, German, and French.

Hello in English is pronounced hell-OH. It rhymes with Jello and yellow. A common version of hello is "hi. There is know language. In Spanish, it is hola hi. In other native languages there are other words. There are many different Native American languages. The official languages of Kenya are English and Swahili.

The Swahili word for "hello" is "jambo. See the Related Link. Feel free to check the suggested link. It is a place where many languages are spoken. Cameroon has different languages. You'll have to be more specific. Hello is said as hello, as India is a diverse country with many languages they have different words denoting hello.

Otherwise it's the universal hello. In Afghanistan the official languages are Pashtu and Dari Farsi. But Afghanistan is Muslim country so "hello" could be "salaam". Ask Question. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Related Questions. How do you say lion in some of the Mayan languages? How do you say hello in languages? How do they say hello in japan? How do you say 'hello' in some of the languages of Singapore? How do you say hello in some of the languages of Peru? How do you say how are you in all languages?

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