What crackers to use for smores

what crackers to use for smores

Explore graham crackers for smores

The original graham crackers, developed by Sylvester Graham some years ago, were more like hardtack than like the sweet wafers we know today. Marketed as “Dr. Graham’s Honey Biskets,” the dense crackers were made largely from coarse whole-wheat flour. May 13,  · We make "cowboy s'mores". Instead of using graham crackers we make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies (really easy) with LOTS of chocolate chips. Then we use them instead of .

Great for smores bar! Kids Love it!!! Perfect for smores. Purchased these for my daughters graduation party. Worked perfectly! Plenty for smores and pbj! As always, incredibly perfect for our backyard what crackers to use for smores s'mores. A household favorite. Store brands taste like old cabinets so we stick with this brand. Great for smores. Love these originally bought what is an audiometric exam for smores but found out I use them more in the kitchen baking.

Great for Smores or just dunking in milk. These were used in a smore package at a wedding- worked great! About 30 out of arrived ok to give away in my smores party favor baskets-the rest were broken on edges. Great for Smores. I used these for a smore's bar at my wedding. Skip to main content Explore graham crackers for smores. Quick look. Free day shipping within the U. Prices may vary for AK and HI. Four Stars. Reviewed on Sep 15, Currently unavailable. Reviewed on Nov 3, Honey Maid Honey Graham Crackers, Reviewed on Aug 26, Five Stars.

Reviewed on Sep 26, Reviewed on Jul 29, Perfect for a smores bar. Reviewed on Mar 17, See what customers said about smores 4 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase. See full review. Reviewed on Aug 4, The taste was good as always.

Reviewed on Feb 3, Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams. Reviewed on Jul 23, Reviewed on Feb 23, See what customers said about smores 5 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase. Smores - tastic! Reviewed on Jan 10, The best for smores. Reviewed on Dec 7, Reviewed on Jan 13, Love these originally bought these for smores but found out Reviewed on Feb 24, Good Graham Crackers.

Reviewed on Jun 1, Currently peanut- and tree nut-free. Reviewed on Jun 23, Reviewed on Mar 9, Worked great for us! Reviewed on Mar 25, Many of the individually wrapped packages had broken crackers in Reviewed on May 16, Reviewed on Oct 7, Reviewed on Aug 10, Reviewed on Jul 11, Perfect for Smores around the fire pit.

Reviewed on Jan 15, Good product. Reviewed on Oct 22, Related articles Read reviews and articles from knowledgeable sources. Graham Crackers. America's Test Kitchen. The original graham crackers, developed by Sylvester Graham some years ago, were more like hardtack than like the sweet wafers we know today. They also contain oil, salt, and leaveners.

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Aug 08,  · Jet-Puffed marshmallows, like Honey Maid graham crackers, are most people’s go-to for s’mores—and for good reason. These marshmallows were Author: Lisa Kaminski.

You've found your Celiac Tribe! Join our like-minded, private community and share your story, get encouragement and connect with others. We have an upcoming, annual camping trip with several other families. Does anyone have a grahm cracker recomendation? Or a cracker that could be substituted instead? Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted. We make "cowboy s'mores". Instead of using graham crackers we make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies really easy with LOTS of chocolate chips.

Then we use them instead of crackers and chocolate. Started Specific Carbohydrate Diet on because son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and want to give him moral support. Diagnosed with Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome in Discovered that going completely gluten-free put me in remission.

I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Psalms Don't be afraid to reach for the moon. The worst that can happen is you'll miss and land among the stars. We did the cookie thing as well-it was really yummy, but a little too thick for me. I made Pamela's Namaste pancakes for breakfast one morning camping and had leftovers and used those. They were awesome! I just rolled the choc and marshmellow up and they were less messy, too!

I like to use lundenburg rice cakes. I make s'mores in the toaster oven all the time. Put down the rice cake, top with hersheys chocolate and a few mini marshmellows. Bake for min or until melty. We just went camping last week and used Glutino Crackers round, kind of like a ritz They made great smores!! It was the highlight of the trip! Here to support and cook for:. Jared Husband with Celiac.

Abby 6 yrs old diagnosed with celiac and gluten free since Nov. Griffin 4 yrs old not diagnosed but gluten free since Nov. We use Health Valley rice bran crackers.

They are a decent substitute for graham crackers, and easy to find in the store. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I was thinking the next time I make choc chip cookies, I'd try to make a few thin ones without choc chips and a few thin ones with choc chips - to use in a s'mores trial. Then of course some regular ones to just be eaten on the spot.

I've already got those glutino ritz-like crackers. I hadn't really thought about those 'cause I would assume they would be too salty - like a Ritz. My daughter is the Celiac so those crackers are hers and it has been awhile since I had one but I had one today and I think they would be alright. Then maybe I'll set up a little taste test at home before we hit the trail. Yes, I have been know to roast marshmallows over an electric stove My kids haven't caught me yet - I wouldn't want to set a bad example.

Jessica - you're home version sounds a little safer than mine - maybe I should switch over. Terri - I've been trying to get my daughter to use pancakes for other things, such as a hot dog bun, and she keeps saying no. I think she thinks that it will taste like a hot dog with syrup on it I told her that next time I make pancakes, I want her to take a bite before she puts any syrup on it so that she knows what it actually tastes like.

I've got high hopes that I can use pancakes for many other things. Jillian - I would have to mail-order those and unfortunately, I am a cheapskate Perhaps I'll try them sometime when I've got several things to order and I can justify the shipping charges. Gina - We've got those in our pantry, too. That was the original cracker I bought but my daughter didn't like them by themselves , but chocolate and gooey marshmallow may be able to change her mind. I'll add them to the trial.

Gluten-free since June Also living with Hypoglycemia since Dairy-free for good since summer Also avoiding: potatoes, beans, crucifers, popcorn, most red meat, coconut milk. Started eating a Paleo diet Spring Love it!

The grass is always greener where you water it. We use Josef's gluten-free Graham Crakers. They are very good. We can buy them at our Whole Foods Market but we have also gotten them on line. They came out great for both smores and everyday snacking. Also very good with peanut butter.

If you would like the recipe let me know and I will dig it up. They were fantastic. Unfortunately I can't remember the brand. Maybe one of the other celiacs on here from the Harrisburg area know what I'm talking about. Next goals:. I use the MiDel arrowroot animal crackers, they're really good I think they'd be good as a sub for graham crackers in a pie crust too. We did discover the joy of inserting a hershey kiss into a hot marshmellow and just eating it that way too.

The chocolate gets really gooey inside I also use Mi-Del arrowroot cookies, though make sure you have two of the same animal to make sure they line up properly. I just did this the other night using some marshmallows heated up in the microwave hey, I was bored! On a related note: Since I'm still in the process of outgrowing a childhood chocolate allergy and don't always do well with it, I've also found that you can use nut butter -- I use sunflower seed due to a peanut allergy -- instead and make little fluffernutter-style s'mores that are really, really good.

The different textures of the marshmallows and the sunflower seed butter makes a really neat combination that's fun to eat. Dreaming of a gluten-, peanut-, capsicum-, mango-free world It makes a great graham cracker crust for pies AND it tastes great. You buy it in a bag from allergygrocer.

Try putting a marshmallow for s'mores use only really in the microwave for about 11 seconds. You have to stay close and watch it. And voila! An indoor s'more. I used to do the roasting on an open stove thing too. This is much safer. And much faster! I used to eat s'mores quite regularly pre-Celiac our house is gluten-free.

I actually read this thread for myself non-Celiac. My son prefers straight toasted marshmallows! I use the graham crackers from The Grainless Baker. Join eNewsletter. By charliethecowboy Started Wednesday at PM. By thorn Started Wednesday at PM. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. View HONcode Certificate.

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