What is 9. 2 surround

what is 9. 2 surround

What Do The Numbers Mean In Surround Sound?

A home theater surround system has a slightly different setup than the home theater system. While you may think that youll be simply adding two ceiling or upward-firing speakers to the surround system configuration, youre actually going to have two front wide speakers, instead of the two front height speakers in addition to the two ceiling or upward-firing speakers. Apr 08, What about , , or ? As we mentioned previously, the .1 in , , etc., refers to the LFE (low-frequency effects) channel in a surround soundtrack, which is handled by a subwoofer.

As you see them over and over again, you may begin to wonder what they are. What do the different speaker channels mean? When it comes to surround sound channels, the first number defines the number of main speakers. To quickly jump to whatever sound setup you're looking for, click one of the links below.

The first number of a speaker system configuration defines the number of main speakers in the setup. When it comes to the main speakers, we are referring to the front left, front right, center, and various surround speakers. The second number of a speaker system configuration indicates the number of subwoofers in the surround sound setup.

It is most common to see a 1, which means there is one subwoofer in the setup, but you may come across a 2 every now and then. While most surround sound systems work great with only one subwoofer, some people prefer the sound how to stream amazon prime on chromecast two for their unique room and needs.

The third number of a speaker system configuration indicates the number of "height" or "upward-firing" speakers. Height speakers are usually located in the ceiling of the home theater room, but they may also be upward-firing speakers.

Your speakers will likely be powered by a good receiver or even an amplifier. In some cases, the speakers are active and do not require a separate power source.

You will not have a subwoofer, and the speakers will be compatible with TV, DVD, and mobile devices, such as phones and laptops. It is an affordable setup that may be a start to a home theater, and it helps keep things simple. It will give movies and TV a better sound than the tiny speakers that TVs come with, so there is nothing wrong with this simple setup. The 2. Since there are no surrounding speakers, this setup is still a pretty basic setup, but adding the subwoofer will definitely enhance the sound to provide a more complex experience.

Many soundbars are a 2. The speakers will consist of a left, a center, and a right speaker, positioned accordingly, and your subwoofer should be positioned on the floor in the center of the setup, however, as we explained in our tutorialwhether you have carpeting or hardwood can affect the sound so pay attention.

The addition of the center channel speaker is used to reproduce dialogue, while the left and right speakers will be used for effects, music, and other stereo sounds. This is a great setup to enhance cinematic sound.

The 5. What is 9. 2 surround has six channels, which include five main speakers and a subwoofer. There are three speakers located in the front: on the left, center, and right, as well as two surround sound speakers in the back of the room one on the left and one on the right.

Many laptops and desktop computers come with a 5. It is an eight-channel system and is commonly used in home theaters. The speaker location for how to release the miasma original six channels of a 5. When looking at the numbers, this configuration may seem complex, but the 7.

This setup is mostly created with the help of Dolby Atmos in-ceiling speakers, and you can learn more about the Dolby Atmos 7. This is a higher-end home theater experience. Although this technology is becoming more commonly used in home theaters, it provides a top-of-the-line, realistic, and immersive home theater experience, creating a dome of sound in your home theater. As long as your receiver is Dolby Atmos compatible, you can achieve this configuration.

It has all of the elements of your 7. For a receiver to support this configuration, it will need to have two subwoofer outputs. While some people are happy with how to make a sizzler one subwoofer, others use the 7. If you love bass and want to invest in an additional subwoofer more on the different types in our guidethe 7. Be wary, your neighbors could get annoyed with too much bass.

The 9. In addition to the components included in the 7. The front height speakers are placed in the front of the room, directly above the left and right main speakers. For the optimal sound, they should be about three feet above your left and right front speaker and face directly at the listener. This is a very high-end home theater surround sound setup, and it is not as typical as 7. This is used by highly dedicated home theater gurus, but it also may be achieved by slowly adding components to your home theater system.

It is best done with the help of a consultant or expert since there are many components and specs to be considered to set up this type of system properly. The total components include a left and right front speaker, a center speaker, a subwoofer, a left and a right front wide speaker, a left and a right surround speaker, a left and a right rear speaker, and a left and a right ceiling speaker. Check out more about the Dolby Atmos 9. This setup also creates the immersive, high-end dome sound experience that the 7.

Here are some more ways to configure your home theater speaker system. The 4. The 6. It creates a more realistic sound experience and makes for a wider, fuller sound in your home theater with only one addition. Some people start with one and end up adding another later to move up to the 7. The The configuration includes seven front channels: left and right wide speakers, left and right height speakers, left and right front speakers, and a center front speaker.

There are three surround speakers, including one left, one back, and one right, and two subwoofers. This surround sound system is in no way a typical way to set up an average home theater, but some products are currently sold to accommodate this configuration. Only the most dedicated home theater gurus will pursue the Dolby Digital Plus supports surround systems up to While these surround sound setups are fascinating and complex, they are a rare find in a typical home theater.

Are there Home Theater Surround Systems with an even number of speakers? What is the best number of home theater speaker channels? The perfect number of home theater speakers channels is dependent on the room you have, especially its size.

Surround sound channels what is agent exe blizzard all that confusing once you know what you're looking at. I hope you found this article and the visual representations very useful! If you're interested in purchasing home theater speakers, then check out our recommended speakers page. I spent countless hours researching and testing to find the best speakers out there for the best price!

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Written by Jonah Matthes. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases made on our website. If you make a purchase through links from this website, we may get a small share of the sale from Amazon and other similar affiliate programs. You can read our complete legal information for more details. Stereo Systems: 2. Are There More? Conclusion Surround sound channels aren't all that confusing once you know what you're looking at.

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Jan 04, surround sound is the latest technological advance in home theater systems. But with the economy in a deep recession and the fact that you need to purchase a . Jun 16, OK so buying a receiver for my dedicated home theater and I'm pretty set on either the Onky tx-sr() or the tx-sr(). I had plans to go with and bought the speakers but I'm wondering how the sounds before I do. BTW I know the . Mar 05, A surround sound setup would consist of the front left and right speaker, a center, 2 wide front speakers, 2 surrounds, 2 rear surrounds and 2 subwoofers.

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DanG2 Novice Member. We're in the planning stages for an in home theatre. We would like 9 speakers front centre, left and right, 2 rear and 2 on each side because we have 3 rows. We'd also like 4 in ceilings and 2 subs. Is there a receiver that can handle that currently on the market? Deleted member Guest. DanG2 said:. Click to expand Last edited: Mar 11, The setup you describe is only a 7. The 2 subs handle the same LFE channel, although the receivers at this level will include the ability to both EQ and level them independently.

There's technically no such format as 7. You can add as many subs as you like to any receiver simply by splitting the sub pre out on receivers lacking more than one output, but as I said, not all receivers will see these sub's as individually subwoofers and EQ them independantly of one another. Rambles said:. No-one mentioned formats.

If you say so. Yes, I do, because it is correct. I thought you would appreciate my intervention as I know how important it is for you to ensure that the information provided on these forums is absolutely correct, including the use of the correct terminology. What about 7. Both connections put out the same information since, as far as Dolby and DTS are concerned, there is only one subwoofer track.

Was adopted. So now known as. Last edited by a moderator: Mar 11, No need to make a big deal out of it, anyone can make a mistake. Back on topic. What setup are you after DanG2 an 11 channel setup with a 7 speaker base layer 2 subs and 4 ceiling speakers or are you wanting a 13 channel setup with either 2 additional width speakers or a total of 6 ceiling speakers?

THere are receivers that can facilitate you with either of these options. Okay dante01 you go ahead and ignore me, that's no problem. But for other readers, the common terminology when using 2 subwoofers would be to refer to the set-up of x.

And this is the terminology that is adopted by these forums, as shown in product reviews and editorials. Khazul Well-known Member. Seems to be confusion between source format and home AVR output channels. The atmos source format is a 7.

There is only ever 1 'LFE' source channel. The output of all stages of processing in a typical modern home AVR may be multiple 'Sub' out channels that are derived from both the single source LFE channel and any active bass management. I believe Dolby themselves refer to 7.

Where two physical Sub outputs that share the same timing and room EQ etc is to me just one channel - ie x.

No, no confusion. The OP and myself were clearly referring to the simple terminology used when 2 subwoofers are connected in a 9. Dante01 then took the discussion off on a new and somewhat irrelevant direction about how the audio is or isn't processed to use the 2 subs. But the relevant and on topic point is that the OP in the thread title states they want a 9. I intervened with the correction to 7. No, you did.

I never persuade this up until you started to take a hissy fit that I'd posted 7. You appear to be fishing for an argument. I explained myself in response to you criticism and what I posted is correct. I thought you were ignoring me? Hardly a hissy fit. My exact post was a total of 9 letters and 3 numbers. All you had to do was hit the thanks button, or do nothing. You took it upon yourself to go into some pompous rant about how audio is or isn't processed for 2 subwoofers.

Completely irrelevant diversion tactics because you didn't want to just say, oh yeah, I meant 7. Which is it you want, an 11 channel or a 13 channel setup? Actually, a 7. Last edited: Mar 12, DodgeTheViper Moderator. Rambles dante01 Can you both cease the personal bickering please.

Thanks for the feedback all. Would that not be 9. Last edited: Mar 18, If DanG2 places the speakers approximately like this: 9. Some creative license is allowed, in a home environment, we don't all get our speakers spot on the exact placement and angle that Dolby recommends.

Here is what speakers and their locations would typify an Atmos 9. A bit more info from Dolby:. Also note that the front width speakers wouldn't be engaged by either Dolby Surround or Neural:X upmixing and that only discrete Atmos soundtracks will use these speakers.

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