What is a converter box for tv

what is a converter box for tv

Pavtube Video Converter

Mediasonic HWSTB is a digital converter box which converts Over-The-Air ATSC digital broadcast to your analog and digital TV. The built-in recording function allows user to record their TV . Oct 08, †Ј Place your digital converter box next to the TV. Your digital converter box will need to be close enough to the TV that it can still connect to the TV without having to stretch or bend any wires. The digital converter box's front (i.e., the side with the lights and no cord) should be facing in the same direction as your TV.

Now this brand new video has updated to a more powerful one, new features like adding H. Also those original features have been optimized, the "Settings" can adjust Bit rate, Frame rate to a higher level.

All the H. Pretty easy to use Three clicks to complete conversion with Pavtube Video Converter: Add video, select output format, and start conversion. Support batch processing facility This program supports batch video processing function, so you can load dhat convert more than one video simultaneously to other video format, and this helps save you lots of time. Deinterlacing The deinterlacing option allows you to convert interlaced video into a non-interlaced form, so that you can enjoy a better and clearer video effect.

Apart from that, the program also provides various other special effects, like simple laplacian sharpen, gray, flip color, how to build a porch swing free plans, aged film, etc. Trim and crop video clips Trim function helps you select wanted movie scenes to rip or convert at will and leave out unwanted in saved file.

Crop function enables cnoverter to cut off the black bars and unwanted area of the source movie easily. Merge multiple video clips into one file Tick this Merge into one file box and Pavtube application helps combine several selected video clips into one big file and convert it to your desired video format.

Split one large file into smaller pieces Using the Split function, you can split the selected video file into required several smaller video clips based on cobverter clip quantity, duration time or file you set up.

Add test, image, and video watermark Clnverter program supports adding text, image including GIF and video watermarks to your video clips and enables you conerter experience better video display quality on your devices. Capture the snapshot images You can capture and save your bod video scenes as snapshots images. You have done well!

Excellent interface and online help and it runs fast too. Your specific instructions for converting. I don't want to become a video expert to convert a few video files. Nov 5, Video Converter is the fastest converter that I've tried and I've tried several over the years. The output quality is better than the others and the mp4 "compliance" is better, that is, your product complies with mp4 standards well whereas some other converters do not.

June 4, I'm very impressed with the number of available output formats as well! April 1, I installed What part of the foot do the tarsals make My test file encode time went for 89 seconds without the AMD icon lit down to 47 seconds with the icon lit - almost half!

March 22, foor We've been very impressed with what the Video Converter can achieve for such a modest price, so thanks again for a great piece of software! Very useful. Sep 23, I use Pavtube for coverting TiVo videos for my iPad. It works very well and I haven't really had any problems.

Conversion speed seems fine how to toughen up emotionally the videos look good on the iPad.

I saw Pavtube mentioned in the TiVo forums as a good way to convert for the iPad ix I decided to try it. It's much better than TiVo's converter. TiVo's converters for mobile devices are whxt. June 28, I really like the software. It's very simple and direct. I'm a film student, and it converts all my footage to a small file size, which anyone will tell you is a lifesaver for any hard drive.

There was one other converter T was looking at, but yours won. March 26, Your application whaf fantastic. Very quick conversions and lots of file format options. Very happy overall, thank you! I am using the Pavtube converter to convert some video taken with my Droid cell phone whzt use in Adobe Premiere.

I could not use them directly. Your product worked very well. I found your software doing a Google search for video converters. A: Please click here to see the detailed what is a converter box for tv. A: All of our softwares are platform-independent ones but not cross-platform. So a Windows software cannot be installed onto waht Mac computer and vice versa. If you need a Mac version, please kindly contact with Pavtube support team at macsupport pavtube.

Or if you need a Windows version, please kindly contact with Pavtube support team at support pavtube. Discount will be available for a second purchase.

A: A trail version converts videos with watermark the logo of Pavtube on the screen and asks if you would like to purchase at each run while a retail version allows you to use freely without putting on watermark. As a customer of Pavtube, you will be reminded to update the software whenever a new version is convetter.

The update is free of charge for lifetime. Besides, your emails will be attended at the first time, your advice and requirements will be much valued when we upgrade the software. Double click the output name and then you can type in desired output file name. A: Some footages are taken under interlacing mode, and this lead to stripes and lines on the screen.

A: Please find more details at Install and register Windows products. A: Please check whether your computer has been infected. Then check your IE settings. Please click "Internet option A: Yes. Please find the column named "Destination File" on file list. Click the particular output name under the "Destination File" column, and then you can specify the boxx file name. Note: H. Personal audio-visual feast of digital world, brighten your digital life.

Money Saving Bundles. Screenshots Online Help Guides. Version: 4. Transcode video nox to your desired file types with excellent image and conveeter quality. Features System Converteg Reviews F. Q Guides History. Output File Types Video H. John You have done well! Nov 5, Anonymous Os a great job reducing vt file size Video Converter is the fastest converter that I've tried and I've tried several over the years. March 22, Paul Very useful We've been very impressed with what the What is a chlamydia gc amplification Converter can achieve for such a modest price, so thanks again for a great piece of software!

June 28, Kevin Simple and direct I really like the software. March 26, Ross Fast and fantastic Your application is fantastic. Q: How to update Pavtube Software? Can I install this software onto my Mac? Or can you send me a Mac version? Q: What are the differences between the trial version boox the retail version?

Q: How to combine multiple video clips into one file? Q: My widescreen movies 16x9 aren't staying bkx after conversion. I don't want the video to be stretched and made taller.

What can I do? Q: How can I set the output file name? Q: My videos were recorded by my HD camcorder, there are many stripes and noises on the picture after conversion, why should this happen?

Q: How do I install and register the software? Q: I am unable to download the program properly. Q: Can I change the output file name? How to Upload H. How to produce a video from Cyberlink Power Director to Instagram? How to Import Convreter. How to Export Videos convertet Blender to Instagram? How to Export Shotcut Video to Instagram?

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The VHS to Digital Converter USB Video Converter Audio Capture Card VHS Box VHS VCR TV to Digital Converter Support Win /Win Xp/ Win Vista /Win 7/Win 8/ . With Pavtube Video Converter, you can easily convert p HD video for portable devices and HD media players, including Apple TV 3, iPad/iPad 2/iPad 3, iPhone 4, Galaxy S III, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Xoom, Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet, ASUS EeePad Transformer Prime, Asus Infinity TF, Nook Tablet, HP TouchPad. Operating Systems Windows AMD bit, Windows bit, Windows, Windows XP Itanium bit, Windows XP bit, Windows Itanium bit, Windows XP AMD bit.

This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more This wikiHow teaches you how to install a digital converter box for your analog television set.

Analog televisions that do not receive DTV digital signals will not pick up most over-the-air channels without a digital converter box DTV converter box , which receives over-the-air DTV digital signals and converts them into analog signals that can be shown on analog TVs.

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Understand when to use a digital converter box. If you have an analog TV which can't receive cable, you'll need to install a digital converter box in order to translate the signal for your TV.

Turn off and unplug your TV. Disconnect your TV's antenna from the TV. Unplug the antenna's coaxial cable from the back of your TV to do so. Don't worry about moving the antennaЧyou'll have to hook it up to the digital converter box in a minute.

This step also applies if you're using an externally mounted antenna e. If your TV doesn't have an antenna, you'll need to purchase a set of antennae e. Place your digital converter box next to the TV.

Your digital converter box will need to be close enough to the TV that it can still connect to the TV without having to stretch or bend any wires. The digital converter box's front i. Attach the antenna to your digital converter box. Using the antenna's coaxial cable, plug the antenna into the "IN" coaxial port on the back of the digital converter box. If your antenna's coaxial cable screws into place, make sure you screw it in tightly before proceeding.

Connect the digital converter box to your TV. You can do this using the coaxial cable that most likely came with your digital converter box, or you can use standard RCA red, yellow, and white cables: Coaxial cable - Plug one end of the coaxial cable into the "OUT" coaxial port on the back of your digital converter box, then plug the other end of the cable into the "IN" coaxial port the one that the antenna cable was plugged into on your TV.

RCA cables - Plug the red, white, and yellow cables into the same-colored ports on the back of the digital converter box e. Plug the digital converter box into a wall outlet. Using the cord that's built into the digital converter box, attach the digital converter box to an electrical outlet or surge protector. If your digital converter box doesn't have a built-in electrical cord, you'll have to attach the non-electrical plug end of the cord that came with the box into the back of the box.

Turn on your digital converter box if necessary. Switch your TV to the correct channel. Most digital converter boxes will scan for digital channels when you switch to channel 3 or channel 4; if this doesn't work for you, you'll need to consult your digital converter box's manual in order to see which channel you're supposed to use.

Complete the on-screen setup if necessary. If your digital converter box came with a remote, you'll need to put batteries in the remote, press the power button on the remote to turn on the box, and then use the remote's arrows to navigate through the digital converter box's on-screen setup.

Usually, you'll just have to select Next on-screen a few times until the digital converter box begins scanning for channels. Check your digital converter box's manual if you're having trouble navigating through the setup process. Allow your digital converter box to scan for channels. Your digital converter box will scan for available digital channels in range; after the scan is complete, you'll be able to browse through these channels as you please.

The digital converter boxes were created to allow people to keep their non-digital TVs but receive the new digital TV signals. They are fairly simple to connect, and if you like old school things, you can still use a VCR you must have two converter boxes if you like to watch one show and record another. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful It depends on the exact kind of converter box and the release date. Not Helpful 3 Helpful I have a satellite dish receiver on my roof, but it is dead as I withdrew my subscription due to too many commercials.

Can I attach an outdoor HD antenna to it, since stations in either direction are over miles away from my home in the mountains? Will I get any reception?

You can try. It might work, but make sure they are strong and have a shelter for the rain. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 8. No, they are tuned to very specific frequencies. Consult O'Reilly's wireless hacks. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 7. If it doesn't, then you would need an RCA input converter. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. A smart T. You will, however, need an antenna. Not Helpful 5 Helpful 6. Can I use a universal remote if I don't have the remote that came with the converter box? Ryan Paul. Yes, you can. Most universal remotes work with pretty much anything that can be connected to your TV.

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. The functions are the same on the remote control. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. S-video, composite, and component connections are commonly found on DVD players.

Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Many DVD players and speaker systems have optical audio connections that can be used in conjunction with composite or component video connections. This type of connection offers superior sound quality. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Using a digital converter box in may be more inconvenient than simply purchasing a low-end HDTV.

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