What is an aerodrome manual

what is an aerodrome manual

Aerodrome Manual

?·?As the operator of an aerodrome serving air transport operations, {name} Airport is required by Civil Aviation Regulation to hold an Aerodrome Certificate. Aerodrome Certificate No {nn-xx} has been issued by the CAA for this aerodrome. The requirement for an Aerodrome Manual for {name} Airport is prescribed in Civil Aviation Regulation 3. ?·?The aerodrome manual template and guide provide clear references to the legislative requirements and may be used to: develop a new aerodrome manual update an existing aerodrome manual. Where possible, example procedures have been provided as a guide. Alternate provisions considering the varying complexities in operating environments and the scalable certification structure .

Part Aerodromes Manual of Standards as amended. Compilation No. Compilation date: 13 August Includes amendments up to: FL This is a compilation of the Part Aerodromes Manual of Standards that shows the text of the law as a mended and in force on 13 Qn The notes at the end of this compilation the endnotes include information about the amending laws and the amendment history of provisions of the compiled law.

It is for guidance only and may be modified or edited in any published version of this instrument. See section 1. Division General 1. General 8. Technical inspection programs. Annual aerodrome manual validation and report 8. Wildlife hazard management plans. Aerodrome emergency plans. Requirement for an SMS. Requirement for an SMS certified aerodromes with scheduled international air transport operations 9. Risk management plans. Standards for information. Blast and wash from aircraft propulsion systems.

Glider facilities. General Obstacle limitation surfaces OLS Aerodrome obstacle and terrain charts. Principles of shielding. Runway markings. Taxiway markings. Apron markings. Movement manuzl guidance signs Aerodroem Wind direction indicators. Ground signals. Markings for unserviceable areas and works areas. Obstacle markings. Frangibility of markers and signs.

Helicopter areas on aerodromes. Marking of glider runway strips on an aerodrome. Lighting requirements. Pilot-activated lighting systems. Obstacle lighting. Aerodrome lighting systems. Simple approach lighting. Isocandela diagrams what is an aerodrome manual approach lighting. Visual approach slope indicator systems. Runway lights.

Taxiway lights. Apron lights. Aircraft parking position lighting. Works and unserviceable area lighting. Other lights on an aerodrome. Monitoring, maintenance and serviceability of aerodrome lighting. Serviceability manjal. Aerodrome technical inspection programs. CNS facilities. Meteorological facilities.

Division 1 General. Note New Subparts A what color furniture goes with dark wood floors This MOS applies only how to make boot time faster windows 7 accordance with Chapter 2.

Note 1 The standards in this MOS are the compliance requirements that must be met for the certification of an aerodrome as a certified aerodrome, or for the continued certification of an aerodrome after aerodome upgrade or replacement of an existing aerodrome facility.

When developing new aerodromes, or upgrading or replacing existing facilities, aerodrome operators should consider the aircraft types and operations to be accommodated by the facilities in order to apply the appropriate design, operating and reporting standards for the facility.

Note 2 Without affecting the operation of Chapter 7, mabual objects or structures which CASA determines are how to calculate monthly interest on credit cards under regulations Where a provision of this MOS is inconsistent with a provision of an incorporated document the MOS provision takes priority and the incorporated provision applies only insofar as it may do so consistently with the MOS provision.

In this instrument:. Note Tables and Figures are not numbered sequentially. For ease of reference, they are numbered by reference to the section or subsection which first refers to the Table or Figure. Note 2 A reference to an ICAO document, including an ICAO Annex, which only occurs in a Note to a provision does not have the effect that the document is taken to be applied, adopted or incorporated what are the different types of research methods in psychology this MOS, unless the contrary intention appears.

Such references in Notes are to documents which may be used as guidance or background information. Note The preferred outcome is mandated, but if it what is an aerodrome manual impracticable, the prescribed lesser option must still be complied with. Note See also paragraph Note CASA recommendations are usually expressly identified as such. Division 2 Empowerments. Aerodrome manuals. Note See, in particular, Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17 and Aerodrome facilities etc.

Note See, in particular, Chapters 4, 6, 8, 9, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21 and Planning etc. Note See, in particular, Chapters 8, 9, 11, 13, 15 and Note See, in particular, Chapters 11 and Reporting to AIS provider. Note See, in particular, Chapters 5, 11 and Reporting changes etc.

Note See, in particular, Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 15, 17, Monitoring airspace etc. Note See, in particular, Chapters 7 and Safety management systems and risk management plans. Note See, in particular, Aefodrome 25 and Emergency preparedness etc. Other aerodrome systems. Note Systems include the following:.

Note See, in particular, Chapters 11, 14, Aerodrome personnel. Training aerodrome personnel. Note See, in particular, Chapters 13, 17 and Personnel responsibilities.

Ground surveillance systems. Note See, in particular, Chapters 14 and Aircraft movement data from aerodrome operators. Note See, in particular, relevant definitions in Chapter 3. Aircraft movement data from ATS provider.

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?·?AERODROME MANUAL CONTENTS. Federal Aviation Administration Aerodrome Manual 39 PART 4: Aerodrome Operating Procedures & Safety Measures (cont’d) N. Removal of Disabled Aircraft (part ) 1. Explain the roles of the AO and the holder of the aircraft certificate of registration 2. Arrangements for notifying the holder of theFile Size: KB. Click here to download the Aerodrome Manual Version - effective as of April 1, The latest edition of the Aerodrome Manual can always be found here - the only place to go to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date version. ?·?The Aerodrome Manual is a ‘live document’ in the sense that it is maintained as a single entity incorporating all up to date information, as such, no temporary changes will be made. Changes to live documents which require immediate revision, in the interests of safety, will.

The Gatwick Airport aerodrome manual contains details of the characteristics, policies and procedures for the safe operation of the airport.

The manual describes the systematic approach to the operation of the aerodrome, demonstrating our commitment to managing the aerodrome safely and effectively. While accountability starts a the top of any organisation, it is essential that everyone understands their own responsibilities and accountabilities as defined in the manual.

View or download the aerodrome manual. Airside operations ID Centre Staff essentials. Contractor guidance. Aerodrome manual Home B2B Airside operations Document library Aerodrome manual The Gatwick Airport aerodrome manual contains details of the characteristics, policies and procedures for the safe operation of the airport.

The aerodrome manual is split into five parts: Part A - General Part B - Aerodrome management system, qualification and training requirements Part C - Particulars of the aerodrome site Part D - Particulars of the aerodrome required to be reported to the Aeronautical Information Service Part E - Particulars of the operating procedures of the aerodrome, its equipment and safety measures View or download the aerodrome manual Please note this a very large file. Airfield maps. Safety alerts.

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