What is the capital city of yukon

what is the capital city of yukon

What Is the Capital of Yukon?

Yukon - Canada Population. Nov 18,  · Whitehorse, the capital city of the Yukon Territory of Canada, is a major northern hub. It is the largest community in Yukon, with more than 70 percent of Yukon's population living there. Whitehorse is within the shared traditional territory of the Ta'an Kwach'an Council (TKC) and the Kwanlin Dun First Nation (KDFN) and has a thriving arts and cultural community.

It was incorporated in and is located at kilometre Historic Mile on the Alaska Highway in southern Yukon. Whitehorse's downtown and Riverdale areas occupy both shores of the Yukon Riverwhich originates in British Columbia and meets the Bering Sea in Alaska. The city was named after the White Horse Rapids for their resemblance to the mane of a white horse, near Miles Canyonbefore the river was dammed.

Because of the city's location in the Whitehorse valley and relative proximity to the Pacific Oceanthe climate is milder than comparable northern communities such as Yellowknife. As of the censusthe population was 25, Archeological research south of the downtown area, at a location known as Canyon Cityhas revealed evidence of use by First Nations for several thousand years.

The surrounding area had seasonal fish camps and Frederick Schwatkainobserved the presence of a portage trail used to bypass Miles Canyon. Before the Gold Rush, several different tribes passed through the area seasonally and their territories overlapped.

The discovery of gold in the Klondike in Augustby Skookum JimTagish Charlieand George Washington Carmackset off a major change in the historical patterns of the region.

Early prospectors used the Chilkoot Passbut by Julycrowds of neophyte stampeders had arrived via steamship and were camping at "White Horse". By Junethere was a bottleneck of stampeders at Canyon City, many boats had been lost to the rapids as well as five people. Samuel Steele of the North-West Mounted Police said: "why more casualties have not occurred is a mystery to me. On their way to find gold, stampeders also found copper in the " copper belt " in the hills west of Whitehorse.

Two tram lines were built, one 8 km 5 mi stretch on the east bank of the Yukon River from Canyon City to the rapids, just across from the present day downtown, the other was built on the west bank of the river. A small settlement was developing at Canyon City but the completion of the White Pass railway to Whitehorse what is the capital city of yukon put a halt to it. The White Pass and Yukon Route narrow-gauge railway linking Skagway to Whitehorse had begun construction in Mayby May construction how to set up sony home theater system arrived at the south end of Bennett Lake.

Construction began again at the north end of Bennett lake to Whitehorse. It was only in June—July that construction finished the difficult Bennett Lake section itself, completing the entire route. Byhow to get to greenwich village Whitehorse Star was already reporting on daily freight volumes. That summer there were four trains per day.

Even though traders and prospectors were all calling the city Whitehorse White Horsethere was an attempt by the railway people to change the name to Closeleigh British Close brothers provided funding for the railwaythis was refused by William Ogilviethe territory's Commissioner.

Whitehorse was booming. Robert Service was working as a bank teller at the time and participated in suppressing the flame. In the first planes landed in Whitehorse and the first air mail was sent in November Untilrail, river, and air were the only way to get to Whitehorse, but in the US military decided an interior road would be safer to transfer troops and provisions between Alaska and the US mainland and began construction of the Alaska Highway.

The entire 2, km 1, mi project was accomplished between March and November The Canadian portion of the highway was only returned to How to assemble a banjo sovereignty after the war.

The Canol pipeline was also constructed to supply oil to the north with a refinery in Whitehorse. In the city was incorporated and bythe population had doubled from its numbers.

On April 1,the city was designated the capital of the Yukon Territory when the seat was moved from Dawson City after the construction of the Klondike Highway. Whitehorse is located at kilometre 1, Historic Mile of the Alaska Highway and is framed by three nearby mountains: Grey Mountain to the east, Mount Sumanik to the northwest and Golden Horn Mountain to the south.

The rapids which were the namesake of the city have disappeared under Miles Canyon and Schwatka Lakeformed by the construction of a hydroelectricity dam what does it mean to parse data Whitehorse is currently the 64th largest city in Canada by area.

The city limits present a near rectangular shape orientated in a NW-SE direction. Whitehorse Bylaw restricts the operation of motor vehicles to designated roadways in certain "Protected Areas" to ensure maximum conservation of the environmental quality.

Recent demands for growth have reignited urban planning debates in Whitehorse. Due to the city's location in the Whitehorse valley, the climate is milder than other comparable northern communities such as Yellowknife. The temperature measurements for the city are taken at the airport. The Whitehorse Riverdale weather station situated at a lower elevation than the airport is even warmer at 0.

At this latitude winter days are short and summer days have just over 19 hours of daylight. The highest temperature ever recorded in Whitehorse was Whitehorse has little precipitation with an average annual snowfall of According to Meteorological Service of CanadaWhitehorse has the distinction of being Canada's driest city, mainly because it lies in the rain shadow of the Coast Mountains.

Whitehorse is in the Cordilleran climate region, the Complex Soils of Mountain Areas soil region, the Cordilleran vegetation region, and the Boreal Cordillera ecozone. Due to Whitehorse's unique urban development objectives and varied topography, neighbourhoods are usually separated from each other by large geographical features. In addition to the city's downtown core on the Yukon River 's west bank, two subdivisions sit at the same elevation as the Yukon River m 2, ft.

Crossing the bridge to the east bank of the river leads to Riverdaleone of the city's oldest neighbourhoods. The rest of Whitehorse is generally located above m 2, ft. Immediately after what is the capital city of yukon "Two Mile Hill", looking to the north are the old residential neighbourhoods of Takhini, Takhini North and Takhini East, where many homes actually are originally army barracks and military officers' residences.

Situated further north are Range Point, Porter Creek, and Crestview, as well as Whitehorse's newest neighbourhood, Whistle Bend, where most of the new residential growth is currently occurring.

Whitehorse also has subdivisions how to paint over water stains on walls "Country Residential" which are subject to different municipal bylaws and are located farther out from the downtown. Sima Service Industrial Subdivision. Construction of Whistle Bend, Whitehorse's newest subdivision, began in on the "Lower Bench" east of the Porter Creek subdivision. Whitehorse's Yukon Arts Centre offers all varieties of shows and artists and includes an art gallery.

The Frantic Follies Vaudeville Revue was a major tourist draw established inuntil it closed inciting falling tourist numbers. Inthe show was moved to the new Bonanza Room at the Whitehorse Travelodge. Byits popularity had grown to such an extent that it became necessary to present two performances per night.

In and again inthe show embarked on cross-Canada tours, on which they performed everywhere from maximum security prisons to the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. At the end of the season they left Dawson City. In Januarythe show joined the "Snow Birds" for a season and moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, for a four-month run.

The fall of saw the Frantic Follies taking to the road again as ambassadors for the Yukon in a whirlwind tour, performing in ten Canadian and American cities in a little over two weeks.

The Frantic Follies was in part replaced by another vaudeville show by the same producer, the Klondike Follies, which hosted two events in the summer of and 20 shows in the summer of Whitehorse's proximity to the wilderness and the mountains allows its residents to enjoy a very active lifestyle.

The city has an extensive trail network within its limits, estimated at km mi in[40] including sections of the Trans Canada Trail. The Yukon River in and around Whitehorse provides many opportunities for kayaking and canoeing. The annual 1, mile Yukon Quest sled dog race between Whitehorse and FairbanksAlaska, is considered one of the toughest in the world. The race alternates its starting and finishing points each year.

Although there are no territorial junior league teams, the business community sponsors a number of local teams of volleyball, baseball, basketball, broomball, ice hockey, soccer and ultimate disk. High school teams are very active and partake in competitions with schools in neighbouring Alaska, and a few local athletes have flourished on the Canadian sports scene. Whitehorse is also home to the Whitehorse Glacier Bears swimming club. According to the Census, the population of Whitehorse is 25, The racial make up of Whitehorse is mostly made up of European There is also a moderate visible what does ceo stand for in a company population 7.

The religious make up of Whitehorse is; Christian Most of the residents are Canadian citizens As a federal territory, the Yukon is officially bilingual in English and French. In Whitehorse has several schools as part of a Yukon Government operated public school system. Whitehorse municipal elections occur every three years. Municipal services provided by the city of Whitehorse include: water and sewer systems, road maintenance, snow and ice control, non-recyclable waste and composting, as well as a mosquito control program.

The Legislative Assembly Building is located in downtown Whitehorse and elections usually take place every three to five years. Residents of the Yukon have been voting federally since a byelection returned the first Yukon MP in January and, from onward, have had candidates from at least four federal political parties to choose from.

All court matters are handled in Whitehorse at the Andrew Philipsen Law Building which also houses a law library. Yukon's Territorial Court three judges handles most adult criminal prosecutions under the criminal code and other federal statutes.

Boyle Barracks is located 20 km 12 mi south of downtown Whitehorse. Whitehorse Cadet Summer Training Centre offers a variety of courses and activities that focus on general training, leadership, and expedition training up to the instructor level.

Courses are two, three, and six weeks long and are offered throughout the summer. Local cable provider NorthwesTel hosts three local television channels: Community Cable 9, [78] an advertisement slide-show channel and a public service channel.

Initially served using the Frontier Coverage Package until Anik satellite broadcasts became available early in ; this transmitter was shut down on July 31, due to budget cuts. Whitehorse's two major English-language newspapers are the Whitehorse Daily Star founded as a weekly init now publishes five times per week since and the Yukon News founded as a weekly in by Ken Shortt, published five days a week from toand currently prints twice weekly.

Whitehorse contracts out its police service to the Royal Canadian Mounted Policewith the main police station on 4th avenue in the city centre. It was built in to become a public safety building. The Fire Department currently operates with thirty-three full-time staff and approximately ten volunteers. WHFD is equipped and trained to respond to Motor vehicle Accidents, high and low angle rescue, confined space, and static water ice rescue.

Haz-mat, swift water and urban search and rescue are not under the departments current capabilities or can only be responded to at awareness levels. Whitehorse Fire Department is the largest municipal fire department in the territory and the only professional one. Fire and life safety inspection throughout the City of Whitehorse are conducted by the Whitehorse Fire Department duty crews as well as designated Fire Prevention Officers under the direction of Municipal Bylaw "Emergency Services Bylaw" with authority from the current edition of the National Fire Code of Canada.

Wildland fire crews also operate in the summer to combat the forest fires across the territory.

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Yukon is a federal territory in Canada. Whitehorse is the capital city of Yukon. Its capital city is Whitehorse. Yukon, territory of northwestern Canada, an area of rugged mountains and high plateaus. It is bounded by the Northwest Territories to the east, by British Columbia to the south, and by the U.S. state of Alaska to the west, and it extends northward to the Beaufort Sea. Feb 25,  · Much of this activity occurred in Whitehorse, which replaced Dawson as Yukon's capital in Over the years Yukon's economy continued to revolve around the mining industry, which proved to be unstable. In the mids, every producing mine in the territory closed as a result of poor market conditions. Despite its instability, mining, along with trapping and tourism, continues to fuel Yukon's Author: John Moen.

Yukon , formerly Yukon Territory , territory of northwestern Canada , an area of rugged mountains and high plateaus. It is bounded by the Northwest Territories to the east, by British Columbia to the south, and by the U. The capital is Whitehorse. The mineral wealth of Yukon has been known since the famous Klondike gold rush of the later s, but the combination of an Arctic climate and remoteness from markets has limited the economic exploitation of such resources and the development of modern settlement.

Instead, the territory remains among the few frontiers on the North American continent, a sparsely populated and largely unspoiled wilderness. Area , square miles , square km. Additional Info. Print print Print. Table Of Contents.

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