What is the cost of living in copenhagen denmark

what is the cost of living in copenhagen denmark

Cost of Living in Copenhagen | Denmark

Cost of Living in Copenhagen. Summary about cost of living in Copenhagen, Denmark: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 4,$ (27,kr) without rent (using our estimator). A single person estimated monthly costs are 1,$ (7,kr) without rent. Copenhagen is % less expensive than New York (without rent, see our cost of living index). 7 rows · The average cost of living in Copenhagen is $, which is in the top 2% of the most.

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Contact us and we will get back to you. What is it like to live in Copenhagen? Copenhagen: Copenhagen is the capital and largest city of Denmark.

Economy: Copenhagen is the economical and financial centre of Denmark and also a strong business and economic centre in the Scandinavian-Baltic region. Copenhagen Population: 1. Expat Life: Danes are overwhelmingly egalitarian and tolerant, however, a small segment of society is opposed to immigration. There is therefore a slight possibility that expatriates from ethnic minority groups may encounter offhand or unfriendly service in hotels and retail outlets.

Expatriate dress code is generally conservative. Men traditionally wear dark suits and women either dresses or skirts and blouses. The safety risk for expatriates in Copenhagen is low. Risks include some petty crime in crowded areas, as well as the threat of terrorism. Health Care: The standard of healthcare in Denmark is good, however costs of treatment for expatriates from outside the EU can be high.

For other areas within the country see Denmark. What is the cost of living in Copenhagen? The cost what does ftf mean in geocaching living for expatriates in Copenhagen as at April is very high in comparison to other places in the world, with an overall Cost of Living Index COLIhow to enable adobe flash player all 13 basket groups, of Copenhagen is Copenhagen is ranked as a minimal hardship location.

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Map of Cost of Living in Denmark

Apr 21,  · Summary of cost of living in Copenhagen. Family of four estimated monthly costs: kr35, Single person estimated monthly costs: kr18, Cost of living in Copenhagen is more expensive than in 84% of cities in Western Europe (9 out of 49) Cost of living in Copenhagen is more expensive than in 92% of cities in the World (18 out of ). The cost of housing in Copenhagen is more expensive than Denmark average and earns a score of 1 out of A cost of housing score of 1 indicates most expensive while a 10 represents cheapest. The following are collected for use in determining the cost of housing score: square footage, monthly rent, home prices, and utilities. Explore cost of living, weather and travel information for 4 other cities in Denmark on Nomad List. The Cost of Living in Copenhagen is very high. A single person costs: $3, per month/5().

A single person estimated monthly costs are 1, Copenhagen is Rent in Copenhagen is, on average, 9. Do you live in Amsterdam? Tell us some prices in Amsterdam.

This city had entries in the past 12 months by different contributors. Last update: April Sources and References What are sources and references? Would you like to see how prices increased over time? In the suburbs, within resonable commuting distance to Copenhagen,you can rent a modern 1 bedroom apartment for about a month bills included, DKK for transport a month, just remember that it is very expensive to move in, you will need to pay 3 months deposit and 1 month rent in the beginning plus most apartments come unfurnished.

Food for 2 people about DKK a month without restaurant visits. And how much you can save from the rest of your salary is entirely up to you. Eddie on Dec 24, : Shweta on Sep 20, if you choose not live in the city, with 38, DKK as much I know you can't save any money and you can only survive, if you not drink or smoke cigarettes and not go out to any restaurant for dinner.

And if you lucky someone to help you to find you a place to live. Will that be enough for the family of two. Please let me know the monthly cost in Copenhagen for the family of 2 Manisha Aggarwal on Jun 30, : Hello everyone I am moving to Copenhagen and will be based in Taastrup.

Can someone suggest what will be the rent for a meter square 2 room apartment and what is the cost of living for 2 people? Cecile on Apr 24, : Hello everyone! I just got offered a paid internship in Copenhagen. I have a master's degree and am almost done with a 2nd one, plus 7 years experience in the field. Do you know how much I could expect for salary?

From the above article, I'm planning on setting the low bar at 10, to 12,, under which I'd be risking being in the negative, but I have no idea how much I should ask if they ask me to give them a number. I'm an interior architect, and an EU citizen btw. Thank you in advance! I have family 2 kids below 10 yrs and wife. What would be the total living cost. How much monthly I can save? I need to save at least DKK per month.

Please suggest Steen on Aug 16, : Manoj Check my replies to your questions below: 1. Not something extraordinary but a decent live in Denmark. This is the most problematic question as rental in Copenhagen is expensive, there are no super cheap areas vs. Rents are high and super high, period. If your wife cooks, then you will be able to save money.

Eating outside, partying in Copenhagen costs a lot 4. For your family, I would say 15 k DKK should fit and, in theory, you will have some savings.

Again, it depends on your life style. The net salary after taxes will be around dkk, which should be more than enough for you as single person. Accomodation is hard to find indeed and is more expensive than the average shown by Numbeo.

Gentofte is posh, expensive and boring but safe and within good commuting time from Copenhagen. Taastrup is working class area , a bit less safe but more vibrant and cheaper of course Sandy on Jun 17, : Nahum Fabian: Are you and your wife EU citizens?

My wife is pregnant wnad we aready have 2 kids so eventually we'll be a family of 5. Do you think that the salary of K Danish Krone monthly will be enough for me and my family? The position I've been offered is a Software developer and mines will be the only income intially. Also, do you think my entire familly should make the trip for rellocation intially or only I? I'm thinking to travel only I at the beginning so that I can see the cost of living before we actually making the move entirely.

Since my wife is pregnant, should we wait to give birth in our mother country or would you recommend she can give birth in Copenhagen? Thanks in advance. Sogand on May 16, : Hi there, I am wondering to know if a couple wants to live in Copenhagen in a bachelor or 1 bed room apartment in a moderate area of city, in total how much money would be required per month including food, transportation and so on?

Thank you all : Yeni84 on May 11, : Danny's comment from Apr 30, I am also a foreigner in Copenhagen, living here for 5. Rent in Cph increased a lot in the last 5 years and it is very difficult to find. You can save up even some money. But I did no include holidays, flights to your home country. You can try for 1,2 years and see if you like it; in your home country you can return anytime.

And by this time you will gain some experience and maybe change job to higher salary in CPH. Good luck! I do not have a family, therefore, I'm single, is this enough to rent one bed room apartment and have a decent life in Copenhagen? The point is that currently i live in Prague Czech republic , where life is much cheaper and my NET salary is EUR per month which allows me to have more than a decent life and i do not want to move to an expensive city just for the sake of new challenges.

I have an active social life and so on and I wouldn't like to limit myself from going out, having sports, etc. A on Jan 20, : If someone is arriving to Danmark and need to change foreign currency to Dkk Id like to buy. Have around Peter on Oct 14, : Just for information so you guys have an idea - I am a MA student, I live close to the city centre in a more expensive part. I don't really restrict myself when it comes to expenses, but I don't go eating out in expensive restaurants very often although often I use canteens, fast-foods and cheaper restaurants and I use public transport and bike.

I seldom use a lot of money on new mobile or clothes, yet I spend a lot on travels and culture and nightlife. My monthly budget is around danish crowns. Of that amount, 4 - 5 thousand is for the rent in a shared double room flat. Before I lived in a smaller town far away from Copenhangen, I had a car, a room in a shared flat and I spent about kr.

I had a netto salary of about kr. Adhikary on Sep 27, : can someone please suggest what will be the living cost for a couple staying near to Esplanadan area? My estimation suggests it to be around 25K mark.

Really appreciate your help here. Maaz on Aug 18, : Can i work in copenhagen with visit viza is it possible.. Vera on Jul 20, : Can some one advice me, what would be my position if If I have 26K before tax salary and to live with8 year old child in Copenhagen? Is it really a tight situation? Thanks Jonas on Jul 07, : So this is unfortunately too late for for you, Rajiv, but I would recommend for others that k after tax, will be a little challenging to live from as a couple or family.

I think it is a reasonable salary, but the fact is that the cost of living in Copenhagen is so high, that it is difficult for a couple to live off of just one income, period. My employer has offered me 20, DKK net after tax. Please note, this 20, DKK net doesn't include housing as housing will separately fully paid the company. I have to pay for the utility bills electricity, water, heating, etc by myself. I will be moving with my wife and as of now, she doesn't have a job in Copenhagen.

Can you kindly advice me the following: 1 Will 20, DKK net after tax will be enough for two of us to have a comfortable life in Copenhagen?

Looking forward to hear from you. THanks ankur singh on May 22, : Anybody please tell me, how much it will cost to stay in Copenhagen for 1 month and look for job.

Anonymous on Dec 24, : Doc India. It's possible. If you don't plan on going out or buying fancy clothing. But it will still be tight. To tight for my taste. A lot of immigrants on welfare live for less. Your wife should work. In order to thrive and appreciate the country. This is enough for one person but for a family of 4 it wont be easy. Yes, suburbs are cheaper when it comes to rentals but apartments for a reasonable price are very difficult to find, for a bigger apartment to accomodate a family of 4 you will realistically speaking still have to pay at least 10K.

That leaves you with about 6K for the rest. Its not impossible to survive with this amount, but you will be leaving on a very tight budget. Shiro Tagachi on Nov 25, : My experience of living in Copenhagen, DK is that this city is probably the most expensive to live in.

We are a married couple with one child and our salary is dkk pr month after tax, but still it is not enough! Plan to buy cycles, cook at home vegetarian meals and rent 2 room apartment in some suburb? Yes, I can do it alone, but will miss all of them and have heard that schools for children are great in Denmark! They offer awfull rates. Sandy on Sep 22, : Luis: In Denmark and Sweden its best to pay using a credit card or Mobile pay as paying with cash is less and less common.

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