What is the population of halifax nova scotia 2010

what is the population of halifax nova scotia 2010

Economy of Halifax, Nova Scotia

The population density in Halifax is % higher than Nova Scotia; The median age in Halifax is 11% lower than Nova Scotia; In Halifax % of the population is Black; In Halifax % of the population is South Asian; In Halifax % of the population is Chinese. Nova Scotia (/ ? n o? v ? ? s k o? ? ? / NOH-v? SKOH-sh?) is a province in eastern Canada, with Nova Scotia being Latin for "New Scotland". With a population of , as of , it is the most populous of Canada's four Atlantic ebrovary.com is the country's second-most densely populated province and second-smallest province by area, both after neighbouring Prince Edward ebrovary.coml: Halifax.

Asked by Wiki User. Poppulation, the population of Halifax isThe population of Halifax Peninsula is 58, Halifax Harbour Scottia population is Halifax Regional Municipality's population is Halifax Regional Municipality's population isHalifax - Ireland -'s population is Inthe population of Halifax, Canada was about 50, people.

Halifax has a land area that covers 2, Halifax is an English town located in West Yorkshire. Halifax has a population of 82, according to the census. To answer that The population of Halifax, England as of is Halifax International Airport Authority's population is The population scotiw Halifax International Airport Authority is Government in the Halifax Regional Municipality's population isGovernment in the Halifax Regional Municipality's population is What doesent kill you makes you stronger Population of Halifax, Nova Scotia as of is The population of Halifax Onva Now "H.

Halifax Regional Municipality's population density is The population of Mainland Halifax is 72, Government in the Halifax Regional Municipality's population density is Statistics Canada says the population is City:Metro HRM :Halifax, close to All over. The biggest city is Halifax the Halifax Regional Municipalitybut every hapifax and rural area has some population.

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Demographics of Halifax

Halifax, also known as the Halifax Regional Municipality or HRM, is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia in Canada. Located on the eastern coast of Canada, the municipality has a total of , residents spread across 5, square kilometers, with the . 87 rows · The urban center around Halifax Harbour has a population of , with a density of . Mar 09,  · Nova Scotia: manufacturer's shipments Number of visitors to the Grand-Pre historic site in Canada Number of visitors to Halifax Citadel historic site in Canada

It is one of the three Maritime provinces and one of the four Atlantic provinces. Nova Scotia is Latin for "New Scotland". Most of the population are native English-speakers. With a population of , as of , [2] it is the most populous of Canada's four Atlantic provinces.

It is the country's second-most densely populated province and second-smallest province by area, both after neighbouring Prince Edward Island. The peninsula that makes up Nova Scotia's mainland is connected to the rest of North America by the Isthmus of Chignecto , on which the province's land border with New Brunswick is located. The province borders the Bay of Fundy to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and east, and is separated from Prince Edward Island and the island of Newfoundland by the Northumberland and Cabot straits, respectively.

Britain fought France for the territory on numerous occasions for over a century afterwards. The Fortress of Louisbourg was a key focus point in the battle for control. In , Nova Scotia became the first British colony to achieve responsible government , and it federated in July with New Brunswick and the Province of Canada now Ontario and Quebec to form what is now the country of Canada.

Nova Scotia's capital and largest city is Halifax , which today is home to about 45 percent of the province's population. Halifax is the thirteenth-largest census metropolitan area in Canada, [8] the largest city in Atlantic Canada, and Canada's second-largest coastal city after Vancouver. Gaelic: Alba Nuadh. The province's mainland is the Nova Scotia peninsula , surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and including numerous bays and estuaries. Nowhere in Nova Scotia is more than 67 km 42 mi from the ocean.

Nova Scotia has many ancient fossil-bearing rock formations. These formations are particularly rich on the Bay of Fundy 's shores. Wasson's Bluff, near the town of Parrsboro , has yielded both Triassic - and Jurassic -age fossils.

The highest point is White Hill at m 1, ft above sea level, situated amongst the Cape Breton Highlands in the far north of the province. The province contains 5, lakes. Nova Scotia lies in the mid-temperate zone and, although the province is almost surrounded by water, the climate is closer to continental climate rather than maritime. The winter and summer temperature extremes of the continental climate are moderated by the ocean.

The Nova Scotian climate is in many ways similar to the central Baltic Sea coast in Northern Europe, only wetter and snowier. This is true although Nova Scotia is some fifteen parallels further south.

Areas not on the Atlantic coast experience warmer summers more typical of inland areas, and winter lows are a little colder. Described on the provincial vehicle licence plate as Canada's Ocean Playground, Nova Scotia is surrounded by four major bodies of water: the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to the north, the Bay of Fundy to the west, the Gulf of Maine to the southwest, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The province includes regions of the Mi'kmaq nation of Mi'kma'ki mi'gama'gi.

The Mi'kmaq people are among the large Algonquian-language family and inhabited Nova Scotia at the time the first European colonists arrived. The first Europeans to settle in what is now Nova Scotia were the French, who arrived in , and Catholic Mi'kmaq and Acadians formed the majority of the population of the colony for the next years.

In , French colonists established the first permanent European settlement in the future Canada and the first north of Florida at Port Royal , founding what would become known as Acadia.

Warfare was a notable feature in Nova Scotia during the 17th and 18th centuries. The Acadian Civil War took place from to Present-day New Brunswick then still formed a part of the French colony of Acadia. The Mi'kmaq signed a treaty of "submission" to the British crown.

The year period of war ended with the Halifax Treaties between the British and the Mi'kmaq After the war, some Acadians were allowed to return. In , the county of Sunbury was created. This included the territory of present-day New Brunswick and eastern Maine as far as the Penobscot River.

In , St. John's Island became a separate colony. The American Revolution — had a significant impact on shaping Nova Scotia. Initially, Nova Scotia—"the 14th American Colony" as some called it—displayed ambivalence over whether the colony should join the more southern colonies in their defiance of Britain, and rebellion flared at the Battle of Fort Cumberland and at the Siege of Saint John Throughout the war, American privateers devastated the maritime economy by capturing ships and looting almost every community outside of Halifax.

These American raids alienated many sympathetic or neutral Nova Scotians into supporting the British. By the end of the war Nova Scotia had outfitted a number of privateers to attack American shipping. However the British navy failed to establish naval supremacy. While the British captured many American privateers in battles such as the Naval battle off Halifax , many more continued attacks on shipping and settlements until the final months of the war.

The Royal Navy struggled to maintain British supply lines, defending convoys from American and French attacks as in the fiercely fought convoy battle, the Naval battle off Cape Breton After the Thirteen Colonies and their French allies forced the British forces to surrender , approximately 33, Loyalists the King's Loyal Americans, allowed to place " United Empire Loyalist " after their names settled in Nova Scotia 14, of them in what became New Brunswick on lands granted by the Crown as some compensation for their losses.

The Loyalist exodus created new communities across Nova Scotia, including Shelburne , which briefly became one of the larger British settlements in North America, and infused Nova Scotia with additional capital and skills.

However the migration also caused political tensions between Loyalist leaders and the leaders of the existing New England Planters settlement. The Loyalist influx also pushed Nova Scotia's Mi'kmaq People to the margins as Loyalist land grants encroached on ill-defined native lands.

As part of the Loyalist migration, about 3, Black Loyalists arrived; they founded the largest free Black settlement in North America at Birchtown , near Shelburne. Many Nova Scotian communities were settled by British regiments that fought in the war. During the War of , Nova Scotia's contribution to the British war effort involved communities either purchasing or building various privateer ships to attack U. Many of the U. During this century, Nova Scotia became the first colony in British North America and in the British Empire to achieve responsible government in January—February and become self-governing through the efforts of Joseph Howe.

Nova Scotians fought in the Crimean War of — It commemorates the —55 Siege of Sevastopol. Nova Scotia's economy boomed during the Civil War. Almost three months later, in the election of 18 September , the Anti-Confederation Party won 18 out of 19 federal seats, and 36 out of 38 seats in the provincial legislature.

Nova Scotia became a world leader in both building and owning wooden sailing ships in the second half of the 19th century. The fame Nova Scotia achieved from sailors was assured when Joshua Slocum became the first man to sail single-handedly around the world International attention continued into the following century with the many racing victories of the Bluenose schooner.

In December , about 2, people were killed in the Halifax Explosion. In April , a killing spree occurred across the province and became the deadliest rampage in Canada's history. According to the Canadian census [34] the largest ethnic group in Nova Scotia is Scottish The Canadian census showed a population of , Of the , singular responses to the census question concerning mother tongue , the most commonly reported languages were:.

Figures shown are for the number of single-language responses and the percentage of total single-language responses. Nova Scotia is home to the largest Scottish Gaelic -speaking community outside of Scotland, with a small number of native speakers in Pictou County , Antigonish County , and Cape Breton Island , and the language is taught in a number of secondary schools throughout the province.

In the government launched a new Gaelic vehicle licence plate to raise awareness of the language and help fund Gaelic language and culture initiatives. They estimated that there were 2, Gaelic speakers in the province. According to the census, the largest denominations by number of adherents were Christians with About Jews , Hindus , and Sikhs constitute around 0.

The province is the world's largest exporter of Christmas trees , lobster , gypsum , and wild berries. While these numbers were roughly equal from until , since that time the trade deficit has ballooned. In , exports from Nova Scotia were Nova Scotia's traditionally resource-based economy has diversified in recent decades. The rise of Nova Scotia as a viable jurisdiction in North America, historically, was driven by the ready availability of natural resources, especially the fish stocks off the Scotian Shelf.

The fishery was a pillar of the economy since its development as part of New France in the 17th century; however, the fishery suffered a sharp decline due to overfishing in the late 20th century.

The collapse of the cod stocks and the closure of this sector resulted in a loss of approximately 20, jobs in Other sectors in the province were also hit hard, particularly during the last two decades: coal mining in Cape Breton and northern mainland Nova Scotia has virtually ceased, and a large steel mill in Sydney closed during the s.

More recently, the high value of the Canadian dollar relative to the US dollar has hurt the forestry industry, leading to the shutdown of a long-running pulp and paper mill near Liverpool. Mining, especially of gypsum and salt and to a lesser extent silica , peat and barite , is also a significant sector. Michelin is also the province's largest private-sector employer. The Nova Scotia tourism industry includes more than 6, direct businesses, supporting nearly 40, jobs.

In , the Port of Halifax received , passengers and Sydney 69, Nova Scotia's tourism industry showcases Nova Scotia's culture, scenery and coastline. Nova Scotia has two national parks, Kejimkujik and Cape Breton Highlands , and many other protected areas. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tidal range in the world, and the iconic Peggys Cove is internationally recognized and receives ,plus visitors a year.

Starlight tourist destinations are locations that offer conditions for observations of stars which are protected from light pollution. Nova Scotia is ordered by a parliamentary government within the construct of constitutional monarchy ; the monarchy in Nova Scotia is the foundation of the executive, legislative , and judicial branches. The direct participation of the royal and viceroyal figures in any of these areas of governance is limited, though; in practice, their use of the executive powers is directed by the Executive Council , a committee of ministers of the Crown responsible to the unicameral, elected House of Assembly and chosen and headed by the Premier of Nova Scotia presently Iain Rankin , the head of government.

To ensure the stability of government, the lieutenant governor will usually appoint as premier the person who is the current leader of the political party that can obtain the confidence of a plurality in the House of Assembly. The leader of the party with the second-most seats usually becomes the Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition presently Tim Houston and is part of an adversarial parliamentary system intended to keep the government in check.

Each of the 51 Members of the Legislative Assembly in the House of Assembly is elected by single member plurality in an electoral district or riding. General elections must be called by the lieutenant governor on the advice of the premier, or may be triggered by the government losing a confidence vote in the House.

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